Building a Graphql Server on Deno Deploy

10/5/2021113 hits

Combining two hot technologies to create a hypestack application

It Might Be Time to Stop Checking Your Site's Bundle Size

8/13/202174 hits

Taking a look at when performance might not matter

JavaScript Dev Does Rust: Statements, expressions, and return values

7/6/2021101 hits

I have started to dip my toes into Rust-land and I will be jotting done some of my aha's and gotchas, like this example!

COBOL'in 🏀: What a 60-year-old language taught me about JavaScript

6/1/2021126 hits

How my experience as a mainframe developer helps shape my JavaScript code

AWS CDK with Go: Hello World

5/11/202198 hits

A quickstart and some things to watch out for when using the AWS Cloud Development Kit for Go

How I Added Themes to My Website Using Tailwind

4/8/2021266 hits

A brief look at my theming workflow

Yet Another Portfolio Redesign

3/5/202180 hits

Web developers love to change their website, right? Describing my motivation and goals behind the latest iteration of

Building Notarize 📓: a simple note-taking experience

2/1/202121 hits

The process of building a note-taking app and my first experience with implementing authentication

Quick CSS Transition Explainer

6/30/202015 hits

Everything you need to get up and running with simple CSS transition, explained through an embedded CodePen

Recreating the macOS Mail User Interface

6/23/202014 hits

A faithful mockup of the Big Sur macOS Mail application, whipped up in an evening using TailwindCSS

Rebuilding My Personal Site with Next.js and TailwindCSS

5/28/202037 hits

The process and lessons learned from another portfolio rebuild. Tech stack talk and code snippets included